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Buying a house is a huge step for many members of the armed forces and receiving reliable advice is a critical component. Ryan Harding is an experienced mortgage banker at Security Home Mortgage who is knowledgeable about veterans’ home loans for potential Salt Lake City, UT, homeowners. Work side by side with one of the best VA home loan lenders in the area, so you can be informed about every step of the process. From loan criteria and application to interest rates and repayment terms, we’ll help make sense of everything. You and your family could be eligible to apply for a VA home loan and become homeowners at some point in the near future.

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Ryan Harding is a VA home loan lender serving Salt Lake City locals with application advice and guidance. Consult with our mortgage banker to understand the main differences between VA loans and traditional home loans. Veterans’ home loans afford individuals and their families many benefits that you won’t find in conventional loans. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • More flexible debt-to-income ratios

  • No requirement for private mortgage insurance

  • Home closing cost limits

  • No repayment penalties

  • Easy refinancing with typically no extra underwriting

  • Competitive interest rates, frequently less than conventional rates

  • Low or zero percent down payment

  • Less stringent qualification criteria because loans are backed by VA

To learn more about these benefits, it’s important to speak with a VA approved lender, like Mr. Harding, who can give you a more detailed breakdown. You could save thousands of dollars by working with the best VA home loan lenders at Security Home Mortgage.

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If you served in the U.S. military and are looking to buy a house, build a home or make renovations, apply for a VA home loan. Work with our VA home loan lenders to receive the most up-to-date advice and make your home purchasing process as smooth as possible. You could find yourself in a new home in no time with the help of our knowledgeable mortgage banker. Contact VA approved lender Ryan Harding of Security Home Mortgage at 801-228-0937 for more information.

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