what is a divorce lending?

Getting a divorce is a very hard thing to go through. It’s hard on the couple, it’s hard on the children and it’s hard on the financials. Over the past decade of doing loans, I’ve counseled thousands of people with their finances and the largest asset they own, their homes. I’ve been there to help them navigate the hard process of getting a divorce and dividing up their assets. In fact, in over 70% of divorces in the United States, there has been real estate involved.

If you are considering a divorce and you own real estate then it’s best to consult with me first so that we can develop a plan for your assets.

Here are three steps in the divorce lending process

Customers First


My team will listen to you and figure out the role a mortgage plays in your divorce settlement. Some common questions we will need to get answered are:
Can I qualify to refinance my home without my spouse?
Can my spouse qualify to refinance my home without me?
Can we pull out cash from the equity of our home to pay each other off?
15 Days Close


After that initial consultation about your situation we will offer suggestions to you about how best to move forward with your real estate and your divorce. You can rest easy knowing that we can handle the mortgage process and that you can get back to the more important things in your life.
Personalized Guidance


After we’ve consulted and discussed your options we can proceed with what option will work best for you in your divorce. We can help put back together your financial life so that you’re on your way to a brighter financial future

If you’re considering a divorce contact us today so that we can set up a time for a free 1 hour divorce lending consultation to go over your next steps.

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