USDA Loan Lenders for Lehi, UT

USDA Approved Lenders for Lehi Utah

Potential home buyers in Lehi, UT, can consider getting a USDA loan to make their dreams of becoming a homeowner reality. If you’re looking for a USDA loan lender, then look no further. Ryan Harding, Mortgage Banker @ Security Home Mortgage is a USDA approved lender for Lehi, UT, and has helped future home buyers in Utah County become homeowners.

What is a USDA loan? It’s a mortgage loan that is backed and guaranteed through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The goal of the USDA Guaranteed Loan Program is to promote home ownership to areas of the country that are considered rural. Since the program began, it has provided many opportunities for home ownership to individuals who live in rural areas who, otherwise, wouldn’t be able to secure a conventional loan.

USDA mortgage loans are easier to qualify for, and they’re a viable financial option for many Americans.

Benefits to Working with a USDA Approved Lender

USDA mortgage loans have several benefits that you can’t get with conventional or FHA loans. These include:

  • No down payment – Getting the funds to make a down payment on a house is one of the biggest obstacles that first-time home buyers face. With no down payment required, a USDA loan makes this obstacle a lot easier for first timers.

  • Lower Interest Rate – Since a USDA loan is backed and insured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, borrowers are offered a lower interest rate that isn’t based on their credit history or the size of their down payment, whereas conventional loans do base their interest rates on credit and how much a borrower puts down.

  • Lower Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) – PMI is required when a borrower doesn’t make a down payment of at least 80% of the loan-to-value, no matter what type of loan it is. So, if a borrower takes advantage of the no down payment associated with a USDA loan, then you’ll be paying for PMI. However, PMI for a USDA loan is lower than other loan programs.

  • Flexible Credit Requirements – The USDA loan program allows borrowers with less-than-ideal credit to qualify for USDA financing.

  • Financing Your PMI – With a USDA loan, you have the ability to roll the required premium, which is 2% of the loan amount, into your financing.

Call to Start Financing for a USDA Loan Today

To start financing a USDA loan in Lehi, UT, call Ryan Harding, Mortgage Banker @ Security Home Mortgage today at 801-228-0937. We can help with any questions you might have about the USDA loan program and how we can get you the house you want in Lehi.

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